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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The FOOD story

It has been a really long, super long, long time since I have updated this blog.

Probably, I have trouble along the way.

Let me tell you my food story.

In 2012, somehow I am lost. I love to cook. Every off day I had I will spend it with cooking. Then, 2012 happens, in the half end of the year. Something happen to me and I feel that I have lost that half end.

The short story is, I couple with someone. But I am not in love with him, so there goes the most nothing 3 months of my life. It was like, I lost memory with what happen that 3 month.

Anyway, then I got married to someone whom I really cared of.

Then, after much struggle, I'm back to being the cook I knew I had it in me.


Now, I am blogging with the aromatic braised duck in my kitchen and I can smell it from my working space.

It is a blessing!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TitlE #4 -> Some Food Photo for the leisure of your EyEs...

Taken at various dates. Chronological order, from oldest to latest gigs of food through the lens of my humble C PS A495.


Awaited surprise. Without knowing what waits us on this dish while it is on its way being served to us. This sweet pork leg dish really amazed me with its taste and the tenderness of the flesh. Art, in the form of food.

Another up close photo. Was taken during A.K.A.Y.A. 1st reunion on 10/12/2011. The art will always be appreciated and credited to Kuching Mandarin Restaurant. Google it up.

Fried chicken. Nothing much. If served with some sauce, would be better.

Another surprise worth called 'art'. This dish looks like no one wants it as not many people sitting with me appreciate seafood. However, this dish amazed me, which create the awesome expression in one of my profile picture with chopstick in my mouth. Mouth watering dish, it blends the sourness and sweetness well, with the correct amount of frying, it is a splendid dish for those who are looking for 'blend'.


Tekalak. Some kind of fruit or vege that can be found in Sarawak and some parts of Malaysia. Can be eaten raw, but I prepare it by pour hot water, wait for it to cook, sprinkle some salt and eat. I love the creamy taste of it. Creamy from nature itself.

Upclose and personal of Tekalak.

The ice Milo drink I made to be eaten with the Tekalak. Yummy


We did not celebrate Chinese New Year, but during CNY eve, me and my bro's did a little family reunion at the airport while watching firecrackers for CNY countdown. — with Jessie Aileen and Nicholas Alvin George.


 Another legend from Hong Kong Noodle, Wisma Saberkas, Kuching. This Roasted Duck rice really blend in with the lemon sauce served with it. Eat with the rice and the pork sambal, then end it with the sliced cucumber to clean the mouth palate. Excellent dish, but the duck, simple yet really prepared with care and tenderness. Tasty.

Up close with the roasted duck.

The pork sambal. Can only be found in Hong Kong Noodle, Kuching. My favorite dipping.

Roasted duck rice.

Roasted duck rice.

Noodle in pot. Favorite of my 2 bro. — with Chen Danison and Nicholas Alvin George.

Up close to the noodle in pot. Hong Kong Noodle.

Up close to the pork sambal. Legend itself.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Archieve #3 [the verdict of the cake]

I did said that I will continue tonight right?

Then, the verdict.

It took me about 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish everything, from preparing to finishing, just before washing the dishes. It was the shortest time I ever took to make a recipe. Not even savoury gourmet food that I had made ever top this fast.

The taste.

Well, it taste more like coco powder that was boiled with milk. With some hint of vanilla. Maybe I did put a little bit too much vanilla, but it mix well. It smells nice. The texture is lighter than the previous cheese cake that I made. With the previous, it feels like I am eating a lump sum of fat. The fat grease was like all over my tongue. It feels heavier, and too murky and did not set at all. This one is really lighter, the taste of the cheese is milder, and the new addition to my recipe, the gelatin powder makes the cake looks better when I cut it. It stays in shape and does not look like unshaped ice cream.

The look.

Looks shiny and elegant, a bit romantic. If only the brown colour of the chocolate be a bit darker, I will think of the cake being very romantic indeed.

Now, I am really tired of talking about the same cake. So this will end here. I had drafted this post, leave it for days (maybe weeks), and decided to finish it off just like this.

Thank you.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Picture 2 - Nonbaked cheese cake --<@ chocolate[heart]vanilla

I have no particular recipe for this one.

I like to create, and follow the recipe is not really my ideal. I like to keep my option open when making food. It was not that 'follow the recipe' is not a good thing.

In fact, I think, everyone should follow the recipe first, then improvising and experimenting. I do not really have enough ingredient as I does not have enough budget to buy perfect and enough ingredients, nor have or buy myself a good cooking toys, or even know where to look for the things that I need.

So basically, what I have for my recipe (in fact all that I have been cooking) is those things that I can easily grab and buy, and do it by any means that I can use.

I do not really measure the things that I put inside the cauldron, this is all I can share.

1. Whipping cream = starting from cream, heavy cream, liquid cream or whatever you call it. Once you whip it, it will become fluffy just like this. Surprisingly, contrary to what people make me believe, whipping this thing does not need plenty of time. I was quite surprise to have myself whipping it for less than 15 minutes. I thought it would be more. But I think the temperature of everything really helps to shorten the whipping time. I googled, and I did read that when whipping cream, it is better when the cream is cool and the equipment I use is also cool.

The recipe
A packet of Oreo vanilla cream biscuit
Some muesli (I use my mum's breakfast, just randomly pour until enough)
Daisy margerine (just enough)
I crush the Oreo, melt the margerine inside a Toefal pan (not to melted until it become fat), then mix the everything together inside the pan.
I greased the springform pan with the same margerine.
I pour it inside a springform cake tin, then I pressed it hard so that it sticks. Then left it to harden inside the freezer.

2. The crust. Some muesli, and coarse crunched Oreo, with Daisy Margerine.

The cheese cake

1 Standard size Tatura Cream Cheese
A small bottle of Dutch Lady Low Fat milk
A tablespoon or so of Vochelle Chocolate powder
1 egg yolk
Some gelatine powder
Sugar (coarse, but whichever you like also acceptable, as long as your stomach can handle it)
A dash of vanilla essence
Some 200ml of Emborg Whip Cream.

I melt the cream cheese first by soak it in warm water.

I boil the milk, stir the chocolate in it.

After some reducing of the liquid, I pour appropriate amount of coarse sugar inside and let it boil with the chocolate milk,

I whip chilled whip cream immediately after taking it out of the chiller. I use non electricity or batery, just manual hand beater or mixer. Or what ever you call the thing I beat the whip cream with.

In another bowl, I separate the egg yolk, and give it a beat until it does not look like an egg yolk, but something edible. I left it there first.

I beat the melted-to-room-temperature cream cheese with hand mixer. After a while where it soften a bit, I pour some vanilla essence and the egg yolk. I beat it again so that the ingredient mix well.

Just before I decided to pour the chocolate milk in, I melted the gelatine in with the milk. Then I stir, and after make sure the gelatine all melt, I stir again until the liquid felt warm but not hot. Just enough so that it can mix with the cream cheese mixture without altering its chemical bonding.

Then when all thing were mixed well, I fold the mixture into the whip cream.

Left it overnight, wait for it to set and it is ready to eat.

I am really sleepy now, so I will continue this post later, maybe tommorow.

Good night,.

Friday, November 11, 2011

>>>>> PiCTurE [1]


Just made another blog, and this blog is especially for the foods that I encounter in every step of my life...

...The food that I handmade myself...

...The food that I ordered from food shops...

...And anywhere food that I can eat pleasantly...

So, I guess no post regarding foods that I do not like from where it came for, unless I am really pissed!

Haha...So, watch out food makers out there.

Then, as the title said


this blog will capture the moment of the food, using my favourite cheap inexpensive batery versatile CANON PowerShoot A495, and also my Nokia 6120c phone camera, and some other camera that I did not bother to tell, unless you ask me.

If I am very free, some video will be uploaded. Yes indeed, if I am very free.

Now, let's go on with my first post on f.o.o.d.