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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Archieve #3 [the verdict of the cake]

I did said that I will continue tonight right?

Then, the verdict.

It took me about 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish everything, from preparing to finishing, just before washing the dishes. It was the shortest time I ever took to make a recipe. Not even savoury gourmet food that I had made ever top this fast.

The taste.

Well, it taste more like coco powder that was boiled with milk. With some hint of vanilla. Maybe I did put a little bit too much vanilla, but it mix well. It smells nice. The texture is lighter than the previous cheese cake that I made. With the previous, it feels like I am eating a lump sum of fat. The fat grease was like all over my tongue. It feels heavier, and too murky and did not set at all. This one is really lighter, the taste of the cheese is milder, and the new addition to my recipe, the gelatin powder makes the cake looks better when I cut it. It stays in shape and does not look like unshaped ice cream.

The look.

Looks shiny and elegant, a bit romantic. If only the brown colour of the chocolate be a bit darker, I will think of the cake being very romantic indeed.

Now, I am really tired of talking about the same cake. So this will end here. I had drafted this post, leave it for days (maybe weeks), and decided to finish it off just like this.

Thank you.