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Friday, November 11, 2011

>>>>> PiCTurE [1]


Just made another blog, and this blog is especially for the foods that I encounter in every step of my life...

...The food that I handmade myself...

...The food that I ordered from food shops...

...And anywhere food that I can eat pleasantly...

So, I guess no post regarding foods that I do not like from where it came for, unless I am really pissed!

Haha...So, watch out food makers out there.

Then, as the title said


this blog will capture the moment of the food, using my favourite cheap inexpensive batery versatile CANON PowerShoot A495, and also my Nokia 6120c phone camera, and some other camera that I did not bother to tell, unless you ask me.

If I am very free, some video will be uploaded. Yes indeed, if I am very free.

Now, let's go on with my first post on f.o.o.d.

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