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Thursday, February 2, 2012

TitlE #4 -> Some Food Photo for the leisure of your EyEs...

Taken at various dates. Chronological order, from oldest to latest gigs of food through the lens of my humble C PS A495.


Awaited surprise. Without knowing what waits us on this dish while it is on its way being served to us. This sweet pork leg dish really amazed me with its taste and the tenderness of the flesh. Art, in the form of food.

Another up close photo. Was taken during A.K.A.Y.A. 1st reunion on 10/12/2011. The art will always be appreciated and credited to Kuching Mandarin Restaurant. Google it up.

Fried chicken. Nothing much. If served with some sauce, would be better.

Another surprise worth called 'art'. This dish looks like no one wants it as not many people sitting with me appreciate seafood. However, this dish amazed me, which create the awesome expression in one of my profile picture with chopstick in my mouth. Mouth watering dish, it blends the sourness and sweetness well, with the correct amount of frying, it is a splendid dish for those who are looking for 'blend'.


Tekalak. Some kind of fruit or vege that can be found in Sarawak and some parts of Malaysia. Can be eaten raw, but I prepare it by pour hot water, wait for it to cook, sprinkle some salt and eat. I love the creamy taste of it. Creamy from nature itself.

Upclose and personal of Tekalak.

The ice Milo drink I made to be eaten with the Tekalak. Yummy


We did not celebrate Chinese New Year, but during CNY eve, me and my bro's did a little family reunion at the airport while watching firecrackers for CNY countdown. — with Jessie Aileen and Nicholas Alvin George.


 Another legend from Hong Kong Noodle, Wisma Saberkas, Kuching. This Roasted Duck rice really blend in with the lemon sauce served with it. Eat with the rice and the pork sambal, then end it with the sliced cucumber to clean the mouth palate. Excellent dish, but the duck, simple yet really prepared with care and tenderness. Tasty.

Up close with the roasted duck.

The pork sambal. Can only be found in Hong Kong Noodle, Kuching. My favorite dipping.

Roasted duck rice.

Roasted duck rice.

Noodle in pot. Favorite of my 2 bro. — with Chen Danison and Nicholas Alvin George.

Up close to the noodle in pot. Hong Kong Noodle.

Up close to the pork sambal. Legend itself.

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